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It's Easy To Match Auto Demo 8-Track Tapes To Classic Cars now has an antique dealer booth at South Church Antiques & Crafts in Elizabethville, PA.   "Cruise-In"  to this family friendly antique mall on your next road trip to Central PA for some supercharged deals.  Featured items include a local artist's hand drawn framed prints, watercolors and paintings of vintage automobiles and scenic sites. One of a kind locally handcrafted Swarovski crystal and gemstone earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and handbag and luggage charms are also prominently displayed.   And let's not forget the budget-priced man cave antique items that include a wide variety of musical selections for your listening pleasure on repaired and tested 8-track tapes, and other music and auto-related wall decor items.  

Leave the cell phone in your classic car and enjoy antique shopping like it was done in the '60s and '70s while visiting our booth and the many other vendors at the mall.  There is simply no need to check the internet for lower prices while browsing our inventory, as the Auto 8-Track Shack has already done this comparison price shopping service for our customers.  All prices are lower than sold listings found on the world's largest online marketplace, especially when the cost of shipping is included.

Inventory changes weekly with new jewelry creations and musical selections on 8-track, LP, reel to reel and even CED.  Our booth will be to your left as you enter the mall.  You can't miss it and don't forget to say "Hi" to Marilyn while visiting.  She'll be wearing  "I Love 8-Tracks" earrings.  Booth images and a Google map link to South Church Antiques & Crafts can be found on our Contact page. We thank you for your current and future purchases.   Feel free to contact Auto 8-Track Shack with any questions about our items.


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