'71 Cadillac Demonstration 98-10-0090 8-Track Tape With Sleeve

'69 Cadillac Demonstration PC8S-533 8-Track Tape

'70 Cadillac Demonstration 98-23-0026 8-Track Tape





Cadillac Part                  


Recording Company/

Catalog Number

TitleSub Title

First Song - Artist 

             Identification Notes



RCA Victor/


presents Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra

(on bottom tray and front tape label) 


Smartly Stereo/                               Mame - Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops Orchestra                        

Plastic tray is white with plastic snap on top that looked similar to rear cart label.  The snap-on had upper and bottom sky blue borders and was white in center with themes in blue and songs listed in black.  Front label is sky blue with white border at top.  "stereo 8 RCA Victor" at top front label in white border area.  The word "stereo" is in blue and green colors, and the "8" and "RCA Victor" are in white with a black background.  4 program themes are listed in black on bottom tray label and front cart label.  Back cartridge label is white with Cadillac emblem in a sky blue outlined half circle near top.  4 program themes in sky blue and songs listed in black on back label.  Snap on has "LL" at lower right corner and tape side label has "CL" at lower right corner.  1 Year Replacement For Defect RCA Warranty Seal Guaranteed red circle sticker on front tray snap on top of sealed tape.  The tub is not felt-lined. 



Columbia Special Products/ 


presents for your listening pleasure… 


Light Classical/                                      Leonard Bernstein/ Overture To The Light Cavalry - Suppe

Front label is gold with "Cadillac presents for your listening pleasure…" at top in white; Cadillac emblem in center in black and 4 program themes with conductors listed in blue.  Back label is white with 4 program themes in light blue and songs listed in black.  



Columbia Special Products/ 


presents for your listening pleasure… 


Semi-Classical/                                         The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor/                          Pizzicato Polka - J.Strauss   

Case jacket front has "Columbia TC8 Stereo" at top with "TC" being in gold and "8" in blue.  "Cadillac" is in gold lettering at bottom of front case jacket.  Case jacket has 2 gold sides. Front label is gold with Cadillac emblem in center and with 4 program themes below it.   Back label is off white with 4 program themes in dark or light blue and songs listed in black. 

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