'67 Chevelle SS

'67/'68 Chevrolet Demonstration PC8S-501 8-Track Tape

'69 Chevrolet Demonstration PC8S-536 8-Track Tape

'70 Chevrolet Demonstration PC8S-549 8-Track Tape Front Sleeve Cover





Chevrolet Part                  


Recording Company/

Catalog Number

         Sub Title

  First Song - Artist 

              Identification Notes




RCA Victor/


Music of the U.S.A.

Starring Lorne Greene (Vol. I)

Chevrolet And Your Local

Chevrolet Dealer Present

For Your Motoring Pleasure

(on bottom tray label near top) 

Bourbon Street Parade - Al Hirt 

White plastic tray box with clear slide has white top and blue lower tray label.  "Music Of The USA" in gold on top white area.  Front tape label has a gold border and is white in the middle with songs listed in blue, and has a Chevrolet emblem near middle bottom.  Boxed in top white section of front label includes the wording "RCA Stereo 8 RCA Victor".  Front tray slide had a red warranty seal from RCA attached to its lower bottom.  This circle seal had white lettering with the phrase RCA Warranty Seal – 1 Year Replacement for Defect Guaranteed.  



RCA Records/ 


Music of the U.S.A. Vol. II Starring Lorne Green (on bottom tray label) 

Presented By Chevrolet And Your Local Chevrolet Dealer For Your Motoring Pleasure                               (on bottom tray label) 

Of Thee I Sing -

Norman Luboff Choir 

Off-white plastic tray box has snap-on top label that looks exactly like front and side cartridge label.  "Music of the USA Vol. ll" in black on top of  bottom tray label.  Bottom tray label also has Chevrolet emblem in black near bottom.  Tray snap-on top and tape front label have a silver border with a white center section and songs listed in black.  "RCA Stereo 8" (left) and Chevrolet emblem (right) at top of front tray snap-on and front tape label in silver border area in black.  This tray came with 4 documents.  One in blue, white and gold (PC8X-536)  was an offer to purchase Volume 1 at your Chevrolet dealership.  The second was a 10 page folding document (PC8S-536) in silver and white.  It included information about all the artists on the tape.  The third was the warranty/RCA offer booklet  "Cartridge Warranty And Important Information About This New Music System" that may have been white or light blue shaded.  The fourth was a red and white small warning (1/2 by 4 1/2 inches) to keep tape out of temperature extermes and to disengage 1 inch when not in use.  This warning was also on the bottom of the RCA warranty/offer booklet.  Warranty was for 1 year from date of purchase.  



RCA Records/ 


Chevrolet Introduces

Concert Sound Stereo

(on case jacket front) 

Chevrolet Introduces Concert Sound Stereo  

(on case jacket front) 

The Best of Broadway/ Cabaret-Fiedler, Boston Pops

Colored drawing of well dressed male driver with blue top hat behind steering wheel with orchestra musicians behind him on rear tape label and front case jacket.   Front label and rear case jacket has thin dark pink border first then a blue border with songs listed in white center section. "Stereo 8 Chevrolet (emblem)" in black on front label and rear case jacket tops. Songs listed on front tape label and rear case jacket in black with program themes in dark pink.  "Stereo 8 Chevrolet (emblem)" in black on bottom back label. Warranty on side case jacket is effective 30 days from date of receipt.

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