'66 Ford Demonstration PC8S-203 8-Track Tape With Plastic Container

Auto 8-Track Shack Demonstration and Promotional Collecting

Auto demonstration 8-track tapes were never intended to be collectibles, but now are collected by many classic car owners.  There are also many other auto related promotional item collecting alternatives that may better align to interests, budgets and your patience.  They include dealer promo cars, LPs, cassettes, CDs, golf balls and magazines such as Ford Times, Lincoln-Mercury Times, Ford Clues, Ford Truck Times, Ford News, Ford Dealer, Chevrolet Friends, Dodge News and Look.

Dealer vintage plastic promo model cars were made by companies such as AMT for Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge/Chrysler/Mopar, AMC and others.  They were provided to dealers who gave them to their salesmen.  The salesmen in turn would give them to prospective buyers to help them "decide quicker" after the test drive and get them back in the showroom for the car purchase.  The models included features, options and even the colors of the actual cars.  The underneath of the model may have had some of the auto features stamped in them such as engine size.  Parents gave them in many cases to their kids who did what kids normally do with play cars and beat them up.  The ones remaining today are collected like auto demonstration 8-tracks.

Before auto demonstration 8-tracks there were auto LPs made for many auto manufacturers and suppliers such as Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Philco-Ford, Goodyear, Firestone and B.F. Goodrich.  Some were related to company sponsored TV shows and others were yearly Christmas records.  After 8-tracks there were auto demo cassettes and CDs which are expected to appreciate in value like the demo 8-tracks.  For the golfer, Lincoln/Mercury offered Arnold Palmer golf balls in the late '60s and early '70s at a reduced price to allow consumers to "drive like a winner."

Ford Times was a monthly publication provided to Ford new car owners from 1908 until 1996.  It including many picturesque paintings and articles related to promotional information about Ford vehicles, vacation destinations, traveling, auto safety, camping and recipes.  Ford enthusiasts collect the ones from the mid '50s and '60s that cover the Thunderbird and Mustang model introductions.  Ford Times also published yearly buyer's digests and almanacs, recreation maps, traveler's cookbooks, recipe favorites and New England Journey's for collecting.  Today they are called "My Ford".

Look magazine was published bi-weekly from 1937 to 1971.  It was a large size magazine at 11 by 14 inches similar to Life.  Look published 16 annual automotive preview issues for the 1957 to 1972 models.  They included large automotive ads suitable for framing.

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