'75 GM Demonstration DPS2-0090 8-Track Tape With Sleeve

'72 GM Demonstration PC8S-577 8-Track Tape

'68 GM Demonstration PC8S-506 8-Track Tape





GM Part                  


Recording Company/

Catalog Number

TitleSub Title

First Song - Artist 

                         Identification Notes



RCA Victor/


Variety Concert In Stereo 


Change Partners - Melachrino Strings And Orchestra 

Front label is shaded in white, pink and red.  Songs  listed on front label in black.  Programs 1 and 2 are shaded in red.  Programs 3 and 4 are shaded in white.  "RCA Stereo 8 RCA Victor" shaded in pink in top section of front label.  GM emblem and "Variety Concert in Stereo" shaded in pink at bottom section of front label.   Same songs in same order as Oldsmobile 1967 model year tape PC8S-503 but with a different front label color scheme.   This may have been a Canadian only release.    



RCA Records/ 


They have to hear it to believe it!

(on front label) 

In-Car Stereo Demonstration 

Mack The Knife -

Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops 

Black front label includes a colored drawing of a guy behind a sterring wheel with an open road and music notes behind him.  A woman with long hair is sitting right next to him.  He is wearing a blue shirt and tie, and she is wearing a blue jacket in same blue color as his shirt and the GM symbol on top front label.  Rear label is pink with "MUSICAL SELECTIONS IN SEQUENCE" across the top and songs listed in black.  This tape includes the same songs as Cadillac PC8S-578 and only differs on the GM emblem at top of front label.  Pontiac PC8S-595 has similar front label but different songs.   This may not have been the complimentary "free" tape with the new car purchase.  It may have been a parts counter or showroom only tape for purchase or demo. 



RCA Records/ 


Stereo Sound 

GM In Car… 

Everything Is Beautiful -

Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops 

Blue label on front of cart with white GM logo underlined  in center.  Songs listed in blue on white back label.   Exact same songs and order as 1975 model year tape Chevrolet Concert Sound Stereo (DPS2-0082) with one exception.  DPS2-0082 has program themes and this tape does not.   Case jacket is red and white one from RCA with "Stereo 8" across top and "RCA" at bottom.  Warranty on side case jacket is 30 days from date of purchase.

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