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Auto 8-Track Shack And Auto 8-Track Tapes Featured Item

Shop for auto demonstration 8-track tapes and more at our shopping site Auto 8-Track   It's home page is  It can also be viewed by clicking the blue button below.    The featured sales item only will also be available for purchase from the Auto 8-Track Shack and is listed on this page.  Auto 8-Track and Auto 8-Track are a team effort.

Payment, Shipping and Restoration Information

Auto 8-Track Shack And Auto 8-Track Tapes Shopping


The tape is original and the sleeve is a new reproduction with rear finger pull cutout.  The rear case RCA Victor ink stamp number is PC8S 524 337 2237.   It leaves some graphite (carbon) dust deposits while playing.

'68 Ford Demonstration PC8S-524 8-Track Tape With Reproduction Sleeve

Pay securely with PayPal by selecting Add to Cart.  All prices include shipping.  U.S. purchases only.  Items are shipped in a USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box with tracking and $50.00 insurance.   The contact page can be used for item questions and additional insurance requests.    All images and photo galleries are of the actual item for sale.  Specific items to note about the 8-track tape for sale are included in its listing.


The Auto 8-Track Shack repairs all 8-track tapes with the discriminating classic car owner or collector in mind.   8-track tapes are carefully disassembled before repair.  The repairs include tape tension adjustments as necessary, new front and rear sensing foil splices,  roller replacement as required and cleaning, roller switch outs from plastic to rubber, replacement pads, felt pad adjustments or replacement, rear case rivet replacement when applicable, ironing out tape crinkles, and lubricating hub and roller shaft.   The inside and outside of the tape case, all labels and sleeve are cleaned.   The 8-track tapes are tested on a Pioneer RH-65 home 8-track player.  They are played completely on all 4 programs.   All 8-track tapes are checked to ensure they flip programs properly after being repaired, are not copied over and sound good from the left and right channels.   Tapes that leave the Auto 8-Track Shack's garage are ready for play, show and your listening enjoyment. 


Note also that early auto demonstration 8-tracks leave black graphite (carbon) dust deposits on the inside of the 8-track cartridge and the 8-track player head after playing only one program.   This represents the gradual loss of the graphite coating material that was placed on the back of the magnetic tape to ease the slip between the continuous tape layers.  The cartridge inside and tape player must be cleaned frequently to avoid tape damage and provide good playback sound fidelity.   

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