These are some auto demonstration 8-track tapes the Auto 8-Track Shack will consider purchasing or acquiring additional information/photos.  Current research findings are included.  This new information may also help the classic car owner finally match the correct demonstration 8-track tape to their car.  All new details and images will be included on the site and will be appropriately credited.  

The Auto 8-Track Shack will consider purchasing sealed or used auto demonstration 8-tracks from model year '72 or earlier.   RCA Victor Stereo 8 plastic tub auto demonstration 8-tracks with or without tapes, and case sleeves are the most wanted.  Other auto 8-tracks, demonstration car cassettes, complimentary car CDs, car company records and auto tape lots will also be considered for purchase.   An email can be sent to the Auto 8-Track Shack from the contact page.   

'68 Oldsmobile Variety Concert In Stereo Demonstration 98-13-0006 8-Track Tape Wanted









TitleSub Title

First Song -


Identification Notes



RCA Victor/


Ford stereo research listing.  This was from a web-site listing and site owner attempted to verify and can not locate tape.  This is most likely a Ford dealer service tool-aid cartridge tape for diagnosis made by RCA Victor. 


Any information is appreciated and no photos presently exist.



RCA Victor/


Stereo Demonstrator Tape

Ford Motor Company

Musical Excerpts by Sid Ramin and His Orchestra.

Also by Sid Ramin :

"New Thresholds in Sound"

RCA Victor P8S-1040

(on lower front label)

4 minute demonstration tape in 1966 Mustang commercial.  Front label is baby blue in center with white at bottom with words in black.  "RCA Stereo 8 RCA Victor" at top of front label in white box.  The "8" in this phrase is colored-in light blue.  RCA emblem embossed in lower back of case in circle.


Interested in purchasing an original or high-quality reproduction.




Ford stereo research listing. AA engineering number ending tape.  This may include songs in a different order or a beginning narration that D6AA-19A059-AB (1976 common tape) does not include.  This could also be a tape that was planned for but never made it to RCA production since it only has a Ford engineering number.   Also, because the Ford part number ends in A (D6AZ-18816-A) for the common 1976 model year tape this indicates an early cancellation of this tape.  This was from a web-site listing and site owner attempted to verify and can not locate tape.  This tape may not exist or possibly may have been a very early cassette tape Ford part number.   


Any information is appreciated and no photos presently exist.



1977 Camaro DemotapeChevroletNo Songs Listed.  The first paragraph on the back label says "The Demotape program is staggered on the first three tracks.  The fourth track contains impressive stereo music for demonstration."

This tape may not exist.  Any information is appreciated and no photos presently exist.



 PC 85- 505
(from Service Bulletin)



RCA Victor/



Oldsmobile Concert Hall on Wheels
Demonstration Tape


followed by

C'est magnifique - Living Strings 

This tape has been located.  Oldsmobile Service Dealer Infromation Bulletin 67-I-8A, dated 1-4-67 covers a Power Pac Conversion unit supplied by Howard Company, Inc. that was set up in the Oldsmobile dealer showroom.  It was connected to an 8-track console cabinet and converted 110 volt AC to 12 volt DC to power an 8-track player outside of an auto.   The tape used in this showroom demonstration only was Olds part number PC 85-505 which was RCA catalog number PC8S-505.   This tape was not warranted.  Other Oldsmobile showroom demonstration tapes only may also exist.       



Columbia Special Products/


Variety Concert in Stereo              (Volume II?)Oldsmobile

Front label is white with "Oldsmobile" in black at top and "Variety Concert in Stereo" in red in center.  Side label has black Oldsmobile emblem on left, and "Oldsmobile" at top in black and "Variety Concert In Stereo" in red.


Interested in purchasing an original copy. 



Columbia Special Products/


Pontiac Stereo Demonstration


(on side label)

A Trip Through Wide Track Country - Sales Narration (entire program 1)

Front and back labels are white with a light brown spot-like design in background.  "Pontiac Stereo Demonstration" is at top of front label and "Columbia Special Products A Service of Columbia Records" is at bottom of front label.  Sales narration and songs are listed in black on front label.  "Columbia TC8 Stereo" is at top of rear label and "PRODUCED FOR PONTIAC BY Columbia Special Products A Service of Columbia Records" is at bottom of rear label.  End label is half white and half black with "Pontiac Stereo Demonstration" at top in black and Insert This Side Up" with two arrows pointing up at bottom in white.  All wording on front and rear labels is in black.  Programs 3 and 4 include the demonstration songs.  Program 1 is a 12 minute Pontiac radio ad which includes narration about the new 8-track player, 1967 features, and why you should buy a new Pontiac.


Interested in purchasing an original copy. 



StereodyneThe Great Breakaway MelodiesPontiac Motor Division                   General Motors CorporationBig Band Rock - Steve Karmen Big Band?

Front label is white with "The Great Breakaway Melodies" in dark pink and red.  Pontiac emblem in lower right in black.  Rear label is white with songs listed in black.  The tape has a rounded end with no side label.  It may have been a promotional item given away at the dealer showroom to attract new car buyers or sold at the parts counter.  This may have been a collection of small music sales "jingles" for the 1969 Pontiac advertising campaign and TV commercial spots.  "Breakaway" was Pontiac's major advertising campaign in 1969. 


Interested in purchasing an original copy.


'69 Pontiac The Great Breakaway Melodies Demonstration 8-Track Tape Wanted

'67 Pontiac Stereo Demonstration

98-13-0020 8-Track Tape Wanted

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